An early Halloween treat :D

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HALLOWEEN IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY~ Candycandycandycandy! xD

Since I’ve had no recent updates, here’s a little early Halloween treat.

a Jack Skellington GIF ! (Sprites ripped by A.J. Nitro)

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! šŸ˜€


Thanks Everybody

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Hi guys, this site is currently inactive. I made this site almost two years ago with a strong passion for sprites, pixels, GIFS, and pokemon trainer cards. And yes, I was only 11.

I’m not too interested in those kind of things anymore (but no, i’m not going to delete any past posts) and if you submitted a poptropica name icon request, i’m sorry if I haven’t drawn it. Like I said, inactive.

I’m happy to see that people actually still come to this site even if I don’t xD

Thanks for all the views everyone~

The reason why this site has no recent updates.

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One word. RUNESCAPE.

OH MY GOODNESS. Everytime I use this computer I play Runescape, I forgot about my facebook already, I forgot about my Multiply, I forgot about my Twitter, I forgot to check my Mail, EVERYTHING. Yes, yes, I know, it’s a “pointless and useless game” but it’s as addicting as hell! I mean, I succesfully stopped using runescape like 2 or 3 years ago, but I started playing again, and OH MY GOD, I CANNOT STOP!! So, I really apologize for not updating!! Oh yeah, don’t believe those stupid lies that it’s virus filled, it isn’t.

If you want to see if you’ll get hooked too, click here

Oh yes, a little tip for low-levelled players, don’t be stupid air heads noobs! Calling higher levelled players noobs is such a noob thing to do.

And to close this short short post, THE TRAILER OF STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC!! XDĀ Ā  Oh man, this trailer is awesome, the graphics are so realistic!!

that, and episode 1 of “Runescape Gods Exposed” XDD

Thanks! šŸ™‚

Bleach Event Gallery Trainer Card Templates

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To celebrate my coming-back-to-blogging-on-this-site I have three new trainer card templates! Ta-naaan!



Sprites ripped by Nightmare.

Hope you like these!


(Oh right, I plan on making a Trainer Card Templates page :D)

To all those who commented between January and now!

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SO. SO. So. Sorry! I apologize for not replying or making poptropica icons recently! I haven’t checked this in months and when I saw how many pending comments there were I wacked myself with a book! I promise to reply to any questions and send any poptropica icons PROMISE! And I’ll start adding some templates too!


Oh yes, you may email any questions or Poptropica icon requests to

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008 at 1:28 pm | Posted in RANDOM THINGS | 2 Comments
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Merry Christmas Everyone! This post may say posted on December 24 but where I am it’s December 25 :))

I’m so sorry for not posting much lately, I don’t have much ideas yet. But I drew something for everyone on this special occasion (but the drawing’s not that special)


I know what you’re thinking, “Since when was Santa a CAT?” well he never was. I just randomly drew a cat and then I drew a cat with a list, so i decided to make a santa cat. TADAAAA!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Poptropica character Icons — CLOSED

December 17, 2008 at 8:13 am | Posted in poptropica, RANDOM THINGS | 18 Comments
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Edit (10/23/10): Guys! Sorry for those who gave requests that were never fulfilled D: I’ve been a bit too busy to manage the site. Thanks for still viewing my site!


Yesterday I was brain storming on what to post in my blog after a 2 weeks and I thought of making Poptropica icons. So I made an icon for me, the “Silver Sponge”:


So I showed my little sister and she asked me to make her one too, her poptropica name is “Mighty Sky”:


At first she didn’t get why it was a cloud, but what did she expect? I would draw an actual Sky? After making 2, I had an urge to make more (It was pretty fun you know)! So I asked my friends their poptropica names. One was “Lazy Fire” and the other one was “Fearless Heart”



P.S. If you want one too just leave a comment with your Poptropica name and your email address, or if you want, I could add it to this post šŸ˜€

Kisame GIF Animations

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UPDATE 4/23/11: You can download the three GIFs all in one nifty zip file here. [Though in the 60 seconds megaupload makes you wait you could’ve probably already saved all three manually]

This is the second Akatsuki Member GIF Animation. If you would like to see the Sasori GIF Animations click here. Hope you like them! (Oh yeah if you have any sprite animation requests feel free to ask šŸ˜€ )

Sprites ripped by Neimad


To download one of these GIFs click on it and then right click and then save it to your computer šŸ˜€

Using Adobe Illustrator!

November 22, 2008 at 6:53 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff, RANDOM THINGS | 6 Comments
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I made these drawings with adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is so nice to use because it smoothes your lines for you! the only downsides to this program are:

1. There is no eraser for the brush tool

2. There is no paint bucket

Thats pretty much it. :))


She looks emo!

Oh yeah, I also made a chibi sasori! X3


Sorry if it’s coloring is so crappy, i have yet to learn how to shade.

Oh yeah I forgot. Please comment šŸ˜€

Sasori GIF Animations

November 15, 2008 at 1:09 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff, Sprites/Animated Sprites | 7 Comments
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Ever since I found out an easier way to erase the background I can animate more sprites easily šŸ˜€ Hope you like these sasori GIF animations! (Sprites ripped by Neimad also please give credit to me :D)


To download a GIF click on the GIF and then right click and save it to your computer.

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