Pokemon Trainer for Joaqs

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Heres your trainer  Joaquin 😀


A trainer card

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I promise i did not use a trainer card maker this time. I manually edited a trainer sprite from http://www.pokemonelite2000.com and i also MANUALLY put the pokemons and badges there.

Please comment on this Trainer Card 😀

Wall Climbing and my very first box of POCKY!

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Today was so fun! We went to Silver City, across the street and went wall climbing! But we all got tired :D. It was my second time and i was pretty good already at the beginner’s wall but the intermediate wall was tough. See, in the intermediate wall, its kind of slanted so it takes more energy to climb. There are lines of blue tape dividing the parts of the intermediate wall there are 12 in total. 1-7 are slanted and 8-12 are straight so its easier when you get to the top. I was watching some of the other people climb to the top and decided that i wanted to try as well

I remember on my first time, i got to 5 but i wanted to get to 8 this time. It took me about 5 times to get to 7.5. It took alot of energy, and in the end i guess I pushed myself a little too far and slipped twice on the rocks (its a good thing my harness was tight). While i was climbing i was praying to God that i could at least get close to 8 and surprisingly i did. I was a little saddened by the fact that I didn’t to get to 8 but i was happy that i beat my last record on that wall :).

After Wall climbing I BEGGED my mom if we could go to Tiendesitas to get BTIC, but my mom didn’t want to walk all the way to Tiendesitas from Silver City so we just walked to SM Hypermart. We bought ice cream and ate bibingka ^_^.  I got a nestle Drumstick (Coffee flavor X3). After that my mom and sisters went home and me and my dad went to the supermarket.

While at the supermarket me and my dad got everything on our grocery list (but we snuck in some Doritos and Pocky). Me and my dad love to sneak some treats whenever we go to the supermarket :)). When we got home my mom caught us (she saw the Doritos and Pocky in the grocery bags). But she let me eat the Pocky (yehey!). I was so super-dee-duper excited to taste my first pocky! It tasted so good! Next time, i’ll get the strawberry flavor X3

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