Lizzie McGuire Pokemon trainer card template

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Tada! Another Trainer Card Template!!! I made one of Lizzie McGuire:


How to Fuse Pokemon

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This tutorial will teach you how to fuse pokemon, I will be using Articuno and Mewtwo. I have fused these pokemon in an older post.

You will need Photoshop (any version will do) for this tutorial.

So first, save these images onto your computer:

Next, open them in photoshop

Next, we’ll have to change them to RGB. So click Image>Mode>RGB for both pictures.

After changing them to RGB, Let’s start fusing them together, shall we? Let’s start by erasing Mewtwo’s tail, make sure that the eraser tool is set on “pencil” and of course, zoom in first. When you are finished Erasing mewtwo’s tail, it will look like this:

He looks kind of freaky without a tail, so let’s extract articuno’s by erasing an outline around articuno’s tail and selecting it with the lasso tool.

Next , select the move tool and drag the tail to Mewtwo’s box. After dragging into Mewtwo’s box, move it around until you got it in the right place.

Obviously there are some things wrong here. So lets start by erasing the top part of the tail (it helps to put down the opacity of the tail layer so you can make sure your not erasing the wrong places). When you’re done erasing this is what it’ll look like:

Next, we’ll have to fill up the spaces in the tail. So using the pencil tool and eyedropper tool, copy the picture below (To make this easier, hide the mewtwo layer):

After this is finished, your mewtwo will look like this:

But this isn’t over yet, he still needs wings! So let’s extract the wings just like we extracted the tail, shall we?

To fill in the spaces in the wings, all you need are the lasso tool,the move tool, the pencil tool and the eyedropper tool (copy the picture below):

Tada! We’ve fused pokemon!

But optionally, you may color him different colors. Apparently, I can’t really teach that (because I’m not too good at explaining it) but I found a helpful tutorial about re-coloring:

Click here!

Drawing with my tablet

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I  tried drawing with my tablet last night. This drawing was supposed to be a drawing of a guy, but when I finished the face “he” looked like a girl, so I just made it a girl XD. This was drawn in Photoshop CS.

Akatsuki Messenger Icons

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I made these last night while reading more about the akatsuki XD this is yet to be completed 😀

You may download if you like, oh yeah if you know how to sell stuff like this via Paypal please email me at (so that I can sell these without watermarks :D)


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It’s pein and yahiko! It’s not real though, the yahiko picture is just an edit of the pein picture (the edit is by me) :D. Yahiko and Pein belong to the Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto.

This proves i’m not a ninja

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Today I got three cuts and one big gash on my right knee and I sprained my right arm trying to imitate a Ninja Run from naruto. See, in the school my mom owns, theres a gigantic sand box with a small cement border. So I tried a ninja run on the small cement border and slipped a little and fell in the sand (but that’s not when I got injured, not yet). So I sighed and said “SO CLOSE!” so guess what, I tried again I was almost to the finish, but then I started to tilt sidewards and then I slipped (expecting to land on my feet) but no, I landed on arm and then hit my face on the ground somehow and I even hit my knee on the concrete.  It hurt so much! I was rolling on the ground in pain and it took 5 minutes for me to stand on my feet (with the help of my cousins). When one of the teachers checked my arm it wasn’t anything serious I just sprained it. But it hurt, in fact it still hurts. How do ninjas do it?!

Orochimaru with a tan?

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Sorry for the crappy editing. I wanted to make him look like a normal evil person who wasn’t 60. 😀

Orochimaru fans out there…Please don’t eat me.

I was gonna paint his nails like Itachi, but I decided not to. Only Itachi looks cool with nail polish. XD

How to animate sprites

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UPDATE (10.24.10): Hi guys. Just added some updates for Cs3 (yes, alas, i got a new mac, and Cs3) …and I also changed some grammar. xD

Welcome to my tutorial on how to animate sprites, so you can end up with awesome things like this:

For this tutorial we will be using a portion of a sprite sheet of Sasuke (from “Naruto Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 2) ripped by Bonzai.

Programs needed:

Adobe Photoshop (CS or higher preferably)

Adobe Imageready (not needed for CS2 and above)

If you would like to download these applications click here

Let’s get started then, first open the file in photoshop

Next zoom into the part you want to animate (i’m going to use “Stand” for this tutorial)

Next, let’s open a new file (100×100 px) and then go back to the sprite sheet, double click the “background” layer and select the magic eraser tool (be sure that the Anti-Aliased box is unchecked)

for Cs3 and above, the Quick Selection Tool  is a better choice. After selecting the background with the Quick Selection Tool, simply press “Delete” to erase the background.

if there are any left over little dots, just select the eraser tool, set the size to 1, set the Mode to “Pencil” and then erase those little bits to your heart’s content. At the same time, also make sure not to accidentally erase some parts of the sprite.

after that’s done use the rectangular marquee tool and select the first sprite (from the left)

Next, drag the selected sprite (using the move tool) to the file we made earlier

Now repeat the process on the other sprites (make sure to put the sprites on top of each other in order, and be sure to align them, or else they’ll end up all weird)

okay, now to animate them. On the tool bar, at the very bottom there is an icon that has the adobe image ready logo When you click on it, it will bring your file to adobe image ready (but, if you have Photoshop CS2 and above, you don’t need to bring the image to imageready for the animation window just click window>animation in photoshop).

Once at Image ready, click Window>animation

When the animation window is open you will see this:

Okay, it looks kind of iffy because all the layers are visible all at once. Go to the layers window and hide everything except the first layer.

Now go to the animation window and duplicate the frame by clicking the “duplicate” icon

On this duplicate hide every layer except the second layer, and then for the next frame, hide everything except the third layer (repeat this process for all the layers)

Now, for Cs2 and above, if you keep the frame speed at “0 sec” the GIF will be extremely fast, so it’s best to change the speed of each frame to “0.1” or “0.2”


To save, click File>Save Optimized


to save, click File> Save for Web & Devices>Save

Tada! We’ve animated a sprite!

always remember to credit the sprite rippers when you use their sprite sheets, (unless of course, it’s your own xD)

Have fun animating those sprites ;D

Sasuke Chidori Attack GIF animation

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A second one! I’ve decided to animate the entire sprite sheet of Sasuke (ripped by Bonzai)

Oh yeah, this also took a long time to make so PLEASE credit if used :D.

If you would like to download this, click here (link will open in a new window)

Uchiha Sasuke from “Naruto Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 2”

Sasuke Charging Chidori GIF Animation

October 13, 2008 at 8:26 am | Posted in Naruto, Sprites/Animated Sprites | 2 Comments
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This took 2 hours to make because I had to manually erase the background. Well it was worth it. 😀

Please give credit if used

(Sprites Ripped by Bonzai)

Click here if you want to download it (link will open in a new window)

Uchiha Sasuke from “Naruto Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 2″

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