Using Adobe Illustrator!

November 22, 2008 at 6:53 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff, RANDOM THINGS | 6 Comments
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I made these drawings with adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is so nice to use because it smoothes your lines for you! the only downsides to this program are:

1. There is no eraser for the brush tool

2. There is no paint bucket

Thats pretty much it. :))


She looks emo!

Oh yeah, I also made a chibi sasori! X3


Sorry if it’s coloring is so crappy, i have yet to learn how to shade.

Oh yeah I forgot. Please comment đŸ˜€



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  1. Try the new Blob Brush tools in CS4. You can use the eraser with it.

  2. To david:

    My Adobe illustrator is so out of date (it’s CS) but is it possible to download those brushes online?

  3. Sorry, you can’t download Blob Brush– it’s a new tool in CS4.

    Also, there is a paint bucket, it’s part of the Live Paint feature (see a tutorial)

  4. To: Chris Q

    NOOOOOOOOO! I knew my out of date CS would one day do this to me! XDD
    (I can’t install CS4 because i have a dying Mac G3 which is running out of memory)

  5. awww, cute pictures, especially the last one. does anyone know how to put pictures from the internet into a document in adobe illustrator cs3? i need help

  6. To angela:
    That depends if you’re using a mac or windows because i’m a mac user so all i do is drag the picture to Adobe Illustrator’s icon.

    *sorry for the late reply*

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