The reason why this site has no recent updates.

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One word. RUNESCAPE.

OH MY GOODNESS. Everytime I use this computer I play Runescape, I forgot about my facebook already, I forgot about my Multiply, I forgot about my Twitter, I forgot to check my Mail, EVERYTHING. Yes, yes, I know, it’s a “pointless and useless game” but it’s as addicting as hell! I mean, I succesfully stopped using runescape like 2 or 3 years ago, but I started playing again, and OH MY GOD, I CANNOT STOP!! So, I really apologize for not updating!! Oh yeah, don’t believe those stupid lies that it’s virus filled, it isn’t.

If you want to see if you’ll get hooked too, click here

Oh yes, a little tip for low-levelled players, don’t be stupid air heads noobs! Calling higher levelled players noobs is such a noob thing to do.

And to close this short short post, THE TRAILER OF STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC!! XD   Oh man, this trailer is awesome, the graphics are so realistic!!

that, and episode 1 of “Runescape Gods Exposed” XDD

Thanks! 🙂


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