About Pat


Hello! I’m Pat, an “unborn artist”, a photoshop amateur, and a blogger. I mostly blog about the things I make or how to make them, and my experiences through life. I usually spend the entire day sitting on my Computer chair unless my sister wants to use it to watch Code Geass or something. I hope you will enjoy my blog and posts! Thanks! 😀

[That picture up there is Iceland from the Manga Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya, and I didn’t draw it, I got it off zerochan.net. thank you]



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  1. Just wondering… is this the same Pat that made all the Pokemon Hacks?

    • To Mitsukai:
      You’re very welcome! And, No i’m not the Pat who made all the Pokemon Hacks XD —Sorry for the late reply!

  2. o ok. its just both pat that like pokemon i though it might of been and ts ok i dont mind it was late


    • No, that was just a picture taken on Halloween :))

  4. hey pat!!! nice blog by the way c u on monday! i think..

  5. good thing that you can still manage your blog while playing runescape. I haven’t tried runescape but I’ll check the trailer first. I’m currently playing eden eternal because its looks anime for me.

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