An early Halloween treat :D

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HALLOWEEN IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY~ Candycandycandycandy! xD

Since I’ve had no recent updates, here’s a little early Halloween treat.

a Jack Skellington GIF ! (Sprites ripped by A.J. Nitro)

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! šŸ˜€


Bleach Event Gallery Trainer Card Templates

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To celebrate my coming-back-to-blogging-on-this-site I have three new trainer card templates! Ta-naaan!



Sprites ripped by Nightmare.

Hope you like these!


(Oh right, I plan on making a Trainer Card Templates page :D)

Kisame GIF Animations

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UPDATE 4/23/11: You can download the three GIFs all in one nifty zip file here. [Though in the 60 seconds megaupload makes you wait you could’ve probably already saved all three manually]

This is the second Akatsuki Member GIF Animation. If you would like to see the Sasori GIF Animations click here. Hope you like them! (Oh yeah if you have any sprite animation requests feel free to ask šŸ˜€ )

Sprites ripped by Neimad


To download one of these GIFs click on it and then right click and then save it to your computer šŸ˜€

Using Adobe Illustrator!

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I made these drawings with adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is so nice to use because it smoothes your lines for you! the only downsides to this program are:

1. There is no eraser for the brush tool

2. There is no paint bucket

Thats pretty much it. :))


She looks emo!

Oh yeah, I also made a chibi sasori! X3


Sorry if it’s coloring is so crappy, i have yet to learn how to shade.

Oh yeah I forgot. Please comment šŸ˜€

Sasori GIF Animations

November 15, 2008 at 1:09 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff, Sprites/Animated Sprites | 7 Comments
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Ever since I found out an easier way to erase the background I can animate more sprites easily šŸ˜€ Hope you like these sasori GIF animations! (Sprites ripped by Neimad also please give credit to me :D)


To download a GIF click on the GIF and then right click and save it to your computer.

Naruto and Sasuke Trainer Card Templates (Shippuden)

November 12, 2008 at 10:57 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff, Pokemon, Sprites/Animated Sprites | 8 Comments
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Sorry for not blogging for 10 days! To make up for it, i made a shippuden version of my naruto and sasuke trainer card templates. Hope you like them šŸ˜€

naruto-shippuden-card sasuke-shippuden-card

Lizzie McGuire Pokemon trainer card template

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Tada! Another Trainer Card Template!!! I made one of Lizzie McGuire:

How to Fuse Pokemon

October 29, 2008 at 7:08 am | Posted in Photoshop stuff, Pokemon | 2 Comments
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This tutorial will teach you how to fuse pokemon, I will be using Articuno and Mewtwo. I have fused these pokemon in an older post.

You will need Photoshop (any version will do) for this tutorial.

So first, save these images onto your computer:

Next, open them in photoshop

Next, we’ll have to change them to RGB. So click Image>Mode>RGB for both pictures.

After changing them to RGB, Let’s start fusing them together, shall we? Let’s start by erasing Mewtwo’s tail, make sure that the eraser tool is set on “pencil” and of course, zoom in first. When you are finished Erasing mewtwo’s tail, it will look like this:

He looks kind of freaky without a tail, so let’s extract articuno’s by erasing an outline around articuno’s tail and selecting it with the lasso tool.

Next , select the move tool and drag the tail to Mewtwo’s box. After dragging into Mewtwo’s box, move it around until you got it in the right place.

Obviously there are some things wrong here. So lets start by erasing the top part of the tail (it helps to put down the opacity of the tail layer so you can make sure your not erasing the wrong places). When you’re done erasing this is what it’ll look like:

Next, we’ll have to fill up the spaces in the tail. So using the pencil tool and eyedropper tool, copy the picture below (To make this easier, hide the mewtwo layer):

After this is finished, your mewtwo will look like this:

But this isn’t over yet, he still needs wings! So let’s extract the wings just like we extracted the tail, shall we?

To fill in the spaces in the wings, all you need are the lasso tool,the move tool, the pencil tool and the eyedropper tool (copy the picture below):

Tada! We’ve fused pokemon!

But optionally, you may color him different colors. Apparently, I can’t really teach that (because I’m not too good at explaining it) but I found a helpful tutorial about re-coloring:

Click here!

Drawing with my tablet

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IĀ  tried drawing with my tablet last night. This drawing was supposed to be a drawing of a guy, but when I finished the face “he” looked like a girl, so I just made it a girl XD. This was drawn in Photoshop CS.

Akatsuki Messenger Icons

October 21, 2008 at 4:48 am | Posted in Naruto, Photoshop stuff | Leave a comment
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I made these last night while reading more about the akatsuki XD this is yet to be completed šŸ˜€

You may download if you like, oh yeah if you know how to sell stuff like this via Paypal please email me at (so that I can sell these without watermarks :D)

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