Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Everyone! This post may say posted on December 24 but where I am it’s December 25 :))

I’m so sorry for not posting much lately, I don’t have much ideas yet. But I drew something for everyone on this special occasion (but the drawing’s not that special)


I know what you’re thinking, “Since when was Santa a CAT?” well he never was. I just randomly drew a cat and then I drew a cat with a list, so i decided to make a santa cat. TADAAAA!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Poptropica character Icons — CLOSED

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Edit (10/23/10): Guys! Sorry for those who gave requests that were never fulfilled D: I’ve been a bit too busy to manage the site. Thanks for still viewing my site!


Yesterday I was brain storming on what to post in my blog after a 2 weeks and I thought of making Poptropica icons. So I made an icon for me, the “Silver Sponge”:


So I showed my little sister and she asked me to make her one too, her poptropica name is “Mighty Sky”:


At first she didn’t get why it was a cloud, but what did she expect? I would draw an actual Sky? After making 2, I had an urge to make more (It was pretty fun you know)! So I asked my friends their poptropica names. One was “Lazy Fire” and the other one was “Fearless Heart”



P.S. If you want one too just leave a comment with your Poptropica name and your email address, or if you want, I could add it to this post šŸ˜€

Kisame GIF Animations

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UPDATE 4/23/11: You can download the three GIFs all in one nifty zip file here. [Though in the 60 seconds megaupload makes you wait you could’ve probably already saved all three manually]

This is the second Akatsuki Member GIF Animation. If you would like to see the Sasori GIF Animations click here. Hope you like them! (Oh yeah if you have any sprite animation requests feel free to ask šŸ˜€ )

Sprites ripped by Neimad


To download one of these GIFs click on it and then right click and then save it to your computer šŸ˜€

How to Fuse Pokemon

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This tutorial will teach you how to fuse pokemon, I will be using Articuno and Mewtwo. I have fused these pokemon in an older post.

You will need Photoshop (any version will do) for this tutorial.

So first, save these images onto your computer:

Next, open them in photoshop

Next, we’ll have to change them to RGB. So click Image>Mode>RGB for both pictures.

After changing them to RGB, Let’s start fusing them together, shall we? Let’s start by erasing Mewtwo’s tail, make sure that the eraser tool is set on “pencil” and of course, zoom in first. When you are finished Erasing mewtwo’s tail, it will look like this:

He looks kind of freaky without a tail, so let’s extract articuno’s by erasing an outline around articuno’s tail and selecting it with the lasso tool.

Next , select the move tool and drag the tail to Mewtwo’s box. After dragging into Mewtwo’s box, move it around until you got it in the right place.

Obviously there are some things wrong here. So lets start by erasing the top part of the tail (it helps to put down the opacity of the tail layer so you can make sure your not erasing the wrong places). When you’re done erasing this is what it’ll look like:

Next, we’ll have to fill up the spaces in the tail. So using the pencil tool and eyedropper tool, copy the picture below (To make this easier, hide the mewtwo layer):

After this is finished, your mewtwo will look like this:

But this isn’t over yet, he still needs wings! So let’s extract the wings just like we extracted the tail, shall we?

To fill in the spaces in the wings, all you need are the lasso tool,the move tool, the pencil tool and the eyedropper tool (copy the picture below):

Tada! We’ve fused pokemon!

But optionally, you may color him different colors. Apparently, I can’t really teach that (because I’m not too good at explaining it) but I found a helpful tutorial about re-coloring:

Click here!

Drawing with my tablet

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IĀ  tried drawing with my tablet last night. This drawing was supposed to be a drawing of a guy, but when I finished the face “he” looked like a girl, so I just made it a girl XD. This was drawn in Photoshop CS.

How to make a Pokemon Trainer Card

September 17, 2008 at 5:57 am | Posted in Photoshop stuff, Pokemon, Sprites/Animated Sprites | 21 Comments
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*UPDATE* I found out how to color and erase easier šŸ˜€

Everyone who knows Pokemon knows what a Pokemon trainer card is, its that card that tells you you’re an official trainer. Here is an example of a trainer card:

This card was made at (click the picture to visit the site). These cards are usually used in the video games of Pokemon but there’s nothing wrong with making your own and pretending you’re a real pokemon trainer right? Oh yeah, there are many trainer card makers across the web but there’s also nothing wrong with making your own by hand. Ok here’s the “and how to make your own part”:

Okay let’s start with the basic tools you need for this tutorial:

  1. Photoshop (sorry, for those without Photoshop don’t worry there are a lot of trainer card tutorials that use MS paint)
  2. Patience

That’s pretty much it.

Just like building a house, we need a base first. There are lots of bases across the web so there are no worries. To make this tutorial longer (but funner :D) let’s edit one base I found on the web:

Now what’s fun about editing bases is that you can put any type of design that you wish! You can move the boxes, change the colors and patterns..etc. So, lets get started!

First, open the base in Photoshop

And here is where the fun starts, zoom in and double-click the background layer (it’s name will then change to “Layer 0” and it will unlock) and then erase the background of the base with the Magic Eraser tool (make sure that the Anti-Aliased box is unchecked)

When you are done erasing the background this is what it will look like:

Now next let’s add a background to replace the one we just erased. Create a new layer and place it under the original layer and then in that new layer put any picture,pattern..etc you want. In this case i used a gradient.

Now this looks a little weird because the background doesn’t fit with the rest of the design so let’s change the colors a bit by selecting the pencil tool and changing some colors so it fits with the background. Remember that when you’re changing the colors you can also put patterns to make it look cooler. But don’t put TOO MUCH patterns or it’ll look freaky. So, if you want to use a solid color you could use the paint bucket tool (also make sure that the Anti-Aliased box is unchecked).

Ta-da! We have a base for our trainer card! But of course its obvious that we’re still missing the pokemon and the trainer so let’s get started on that :D.

When putting the trainers and pokemon you can either make your own trainer and pokemon or just use the usual pokemons and default trainers. In this tutorial i’m going to edit a default trainer only.

Okay here’s the default trainer:

I got this trainer from Pokemon Elite 2000.

Okay then, now that we have a trainer let’s open it in photoshop.

as you can see once you open up the file the background is already erased and the name of the main layer is “index”. This saves our time by quite a lot but this certain type of file does not allow us to make a new layer. So go to Image>Mode>RGB

Next select the trainer with the rectangular marquee tool and drag it to the Trainer card base.

Ta-da! Okay here’s another part where you have two choices:

a) settle with this default trainer

b) edit this default and make your own trainer

If you chose A then you can skip the next few steps and scroll down to the steps where we add the pokemon.

Okay let’s get started on editing the trainer, shall we?

Let’s start with the hair, since I suck at drawing hair i’m going to use the hair of another default trainer, but if you are good at drawing hair you can draw your own (and maybe make a tutorial about drawing pixel hair :D). If you did make a tutorial about drawing pixel hair for Pokemon trainers. I will surely read it. By the way i’m going to use the hair of this trainer:

first let’s paste it onto the base.

Remember the only thing we really need from the red-head trainer is her hair so let’s just erase her entire body (except the hair of course).

Okay next let’s turn our attention to the green-haired trainer. Now you have to do the exact opposite of the last step. We have to erase ONLY her hair. So after erasing her hair, drag the red hair to her “bald” head.

now we have a problem. The hair is pointing in the opposite direction of her head! Okay, on the red hair’s layer go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal. Now that the hair is in the right place we just have to move it around until we’ve got a perfect fit.

uh-oh another problem! But all you have to do when this happens is use the eyedropper tool (to get the color of the shaded part of the skin) and then use the pencil tool to fill in the holes.

To save time i’m going to settle with this trainer. Now for the easiest part of them all.


Now here is the simple part. Go to and click “sprite resource” and then click on “Pokemon sprites” under the Diamond/Pearl category. while at that page pick out 6 pokemon and save them to your computer. Now one by one copy paste them onto the base and fit them into the white boxes. Since they’re bigger than the boxes just erase all the excess.

ta-da! Just a few more steps away to finishing the tutorial! WOOOHOO!

Okay, save this picture to your computer:

and then, all you have to do is open it in photoshop and drag it to the white boxes at the bottom of the base.

All we need now is the Font for the name of the trainer :d. (we’re nearly done! WOOHOO!)

After saving the picture above to your computer, use the magic eraser tool to erase the background and then use the rectangular marquee tool and move tool to drag it onto the base.

ta-da! We have finished our trainer card! I hope you had fun! Oh yeah here are some nice sites to check out:


Tina Zamora Photography


The seed of pure boredom

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This is what happens when your bored and have a tablet at home.


AFTER (i got a hold of it)

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